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Proudly supporting the Epilepsy Centre

Posted: 6/11/2020

Through the CMV Group Staff Foundation and the CMV Group Foundation, we were proud to donate to the Epilepsy Centre this Toyota RAV4!

Recently the Epilepsy Centre team, including their mascot 'Trigger', joined us at CMI Toyota West Terrace for a special vehicle hand over.

Hear what they have to say about the car and the important role it will play in their life-changing services.

"We are so very thankful and forever grateful to CMI Toyota and the CMV Group Foundation for donating and sponsoring The Epilepsy Centre with a sparkling new Toyota RAV4. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your care for the services our Team of professionals provide to those living with or impacted by epilepsy. Trigger, our Epilepsy Mascot took time today for a model shoot to show off the new vehicle."

As you can see, Trigger loves the car! Trigger is named 'Trigger' because seizures usually occur because of triggers - ie. heat, tiredness, stress exhaustion.

The Epilepsy Centre is a professional organisation committed to providing quality, caring services to people living with epilepsy and improving community awareness and attitudes. The Epilepsy Centre has been the leading provider of epilepsy services in South Australia and the Northern Territory since 1976, and are dedicated to providing high quality support, counselling, training, practical assistance and advocacy on behalf of people with epilepsy. They also work continuously to raise awareness of epilepsy in the community to reduce stigma and create a more welcoming and inclusive society. Find out more about the Epilepsy Centre here

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