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WR86 Dominates Class at the 2013 Mount Alma Mile

Posted: 17/04/2013

Setting the field alight with a new class record by some three seconds, WR86 charged up the timesheets in the Mount Alma Mile 2013 against turbo, all wheel drive, and much larger engined competition.

“We were really impressed with the performance of WR86” driver Martin Donnon tells us.

“Being a steep uphill climb and highly dependent on grunt over all else an overall finish in 42nd place out of 135 cars was surprising and un-expected”.
Having excellent balance and chassis poise across the top of the mile long climb gave WR86 the advantage of being able to use all its available power, and with a recent host of new modifications this was a substantial advantage.

“WR86 is making around 35% more power and torque than a standard 86” Donnon explains.

“This requires WR86 to have a tyre good enough to harness the grunt, so we moved to a wider 235/40/17 Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slick, which gave us exceptional grip, and allowed me to keep the throttle pinned pretty much the whole way up the climb”

Other contributing factors to WR86 success have been an intensive chassis development program which has seen HSD coil-over adjustable shock absorbers, combined with an OS-Giken Mechanical Limited Slip Differential and OS-GT1CD competition clutch deliver an exceptional package.

“The OS-Giken clutch allows us to slip the pedal out at 6000rpm off the mark for great traction, while the OS-Giken differential keeps both rear wheels driving the whole time, which is a great advantage out of tight corners.”
Balancing the chassis has been a matter of fine tuning the Whiteline sway bars that are under both the front and the rear of the car. Such is the adjustment the Whiteline bars offer that only minor adjustments over the course of the two day event were able to give track gains of up to a second per run.

The whole engine and suspension package is working incredibly well, and gives the Willall Racing team an excellent platform upon which to build a platform of success for the rest of the season.
Final words from Donnon – “We want to thank our sponsors for coming along on the WR86 development program. They are CMI Toyota, Toyo Tyres, Whiteline Suspension, OS Giken, Tint-A-Car, and of course Willall Racing.”

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