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New Toyota HiLux with V-Active Technology Priced to Appeal to Aussie Customers

Posted: 27/02/2024
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HiLux SR 4x4 double cab with optional V-Active Technology priced from $54,130(1)
Price premium for new V-Active Technology ranges from just $590 to $1605 depending on grade
HiLux-first Multi-Terrain Select off-road system standard on all models fitted with V-Active Technology

We're excited to share that Toyota’s updated HiLux range with 48-volt technology on select 4x4 double-cab automatic models will be priced from $54,130(1) for the SR cab chassis when it goes on sale in March, providing superb value, improved performance and efficiency, and a raft of equipment upgrades.

The new fuel-saving powertrain technology – named V-Active Technology – will be optional on SR 4x4 double-cab automatic variants and standard on SR5 and Rogue 4x4 double cab automatic versions.

In a HiLux-first, all models fitted with V-Active Technology also feature Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Select off-road system (MTS) that offers six selectable modes to help improve traction in a range of conditions.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

When in high range, MTS can be configured in Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Auto modes, while switching to low range offers Sand, Mud, Auto and Rock modes to provide the ideal mix of traction control in any situation.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley said the addition of V-Active Technology on select 4x4 double-cab models offered outstanding value, while delivering improved performance and efficiency.

“The introduction of V-Active Technology for HiLux is yet another step as we continue to refine and improve the efficiency and performance of our range and we wanted to ensure it remained a great value proposition for our customers,” he said.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

“With minimal price increases, we believe we have achieved that especially when you factor in the additional equipment and refreshed styling that will ensure HiLux will continue to appeal to a broad set of customers.”

That improved value sees SR 4x4 double cab models with V-Active Technology also gain dual-zone automatic climate control, auto up-down windows, and smart entry and start.

Compared with the standard SR 4x4 double cab 2.8-litre automatic, prices are increased by $1025 for the cab chassis and $1605 for the pick up(1).

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

The HiLux SR5 4x4 double cab automatic variant that is now standard with V-Active Technology, and adds a wireless charger(2) and two rear USB-C charging ports, represents even greater value with the automatic model priced from $60,580 for the cab chassis, an increase of just $590(1).

HiLux Rogue, also standard with V-Active Technology and gains wireless charger(2) and rear USB-C ports, has increased by $770 and is priced from $71,530(1).

The 48-volt technology comprises a motor generator, 48-volt battery and DC/DC converter. The new technology is designed to offer a number of improvements in driveability, performance, fuel efficiency and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) compared with the standard 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

Key to improving efficiency is the introduction of an engine start-stop system, with the system components helping to ensure engine re-starts are done quickly, quietly, and with minimal vibration.  Overall, the V-Active Technology provides an improvement of up to approximately 10 per cent in fuel economy compared to variants equipped with the standard 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine.

Two stop-start settings are available, consisting of ‘Normal’ and ‘Long’ mode. Long mode keeps the engine switched off for longer than a typical internal-combustion powertrain.

Re-starting the engine on inclines is also exceptionally smooth, with the system retaining brake pressure until enough drive force is generated to provide effortless acceleration.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

V-Active Technology also provides improved performance, with energy stored in the battery used to provide additional powertrain output when accelerating and helping reduce the load on the engine in areas of the rev range with lesser efficiency.

During deceleration, energy is recovered by the motor generator which is fed back into the battery, combining with the engine braking to provide natural deceleration characteristics.

V-Active Technology also enables a lower engine idling speed that is reduced from 720rpm to just 600rpm and provides seamless and quiet restarting when using the stop-start system in traffic congestion.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

To ensure the system remains compatible with the rugged off-road nature of the HiLux, the motor generator unit has been positioned high in the engine bay to allow for successful and safe water crossings.

A two-arm belt tensioner and high-strength rib side fabric belt help ensure strong reliability with improved slip resistance in wet conditions.

Together with the introduction of the V-Active Technology, all core HiLux grades except for WorkMate and SR single-cab and petrol variants gain the new front-end visual upgrade including dynamic new front bumpers, a honeycomb mesh grille and on SR5 grades, dark-finish LED headlamps. Further dark elements are added to the SR5 including gloss black exterior mirrors and door handles, a darkened rear bumper and a powder-coated black sports bar.

Upgraded HiLux Pricing

All pick-up variants provide additional convenience with the fitment of a tailgate damper with lift assist, consisting of a gas strut and steel cable which replaces the existing steel bracket. SR double-cab pick-ups with automatic transmissions add front and rear parking sensors for extra assistance when navigating tight spaces.

2024 Toyota HiLux 4x4 double-cab V-Active Technology pricing(1)

  Powertrain Price Change
SR double-cab chassis 48V 2.8L TD, 6AT $54,130 +$1,025
SR double-cab pick-up 48V 2.8L TD, 6AT $56,210 +$1,605
SR5 double-cab chassis 48V 2.8L TD, 6AT $60,580 +$590
SR5 double-cab pick-up 48V 2.8L TD, 6AT $63,260 +$770
Rogue double-cab pick-up 48V 2.8L TD, 6AT $71,530 +$770


Premium interior (SR5 only): $2,500
Premium paint: $675
Two-tone paint (GR Sport only): $1,000


(1) Manufacturer's recommended retail price provided for media purposes only. Statutory charges or other on-road costs not included.
(2) Only Qi-supported devices compatible. Refer to device manufacturer. May require additional purchase of accessory to support wireless charging.

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