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3 reasons why CMI Toyota fast-track technicians will make your car and your day shine.

Posted: 5/05/2017
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Last week, we were pleased to welcome the parents, friends and partners of our Fast-track Automotive Apprentices to our Adelaide dealership located on West-Terrace to celebrate their graduation and welcome our new intake for 2017. So, who are these apprentices and why are they so excited to work on your car?


They are passionate individuals.

The Fast-Track technicians we take on-board are ambitious, disciplined and results focused, with a strong desire to accelerate their career in an exciting automotive profession. Our apprentices are highly motivated individuals who have a strong work ethic and a passion for all things automotive. They know their quality work will lead them to future career opportunities such as undertaking further training and become more qualified within their profession.


They know what they’re doing.

Traditionally an apprenticeship can extend over a period of up to 4 years. However, CMI’s training is so intense and closely guided, the necessary skills and competencies can usually be met within 3 years, which explains the ‘’fast-track’’ name we’ve given the program.

Their practical, specialised training is conducted at a purpose built CMI Toyota Training Centre, where training is overseen by an experienced Automotive Technician with the compulsory core learning modules and electives provided by TAFE SA. The Fast Track apprentice program combines hands on practical training with theory based learning making it one of the most exciting automotive apprenticeship programs in the country.


Their job is so 2017.

Gone are the days where the only thing technicians handled was oil and grease! In fact, the Automotive Industry is going through its biggest change since the introduction of engine management computers some 20 years ago!

Todays sophisticated automotive environment comprises of skilled technicians working with advanced machinery and computers on very sophisticated motor vehicles. Nowadays, technicians must be able to not only take care of your car’s regular servicing requirements but also be able to maintain, diagnose, and repair Toyota cars of the future, which include modern technologies such as Hybrids engines, Fuel cells, and electric vehicle power-train systems.  It is now common to find vehicles offering standard passenger features such as Active Bluetooth connections, Reversing Video Camera, Heads up displays, Satellite Navigation Systems and Wireless Vehicle Internet Connections which means our technicians have to me more educated than ever before. We can assure you that the apprentices coming through CMI Toyota’s unique Fast Track program are well equipped to handle any vehicle service or repair, today and well into the future.


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