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5 good reasons for a regular car service

Posted: 23/04/2015
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What's one thing your car loves above all else? Getting a little TLC!
Servicing your car is a great way to give some love to your reliable, dependable, 4-wheeled machine. Without a regular service, you could end up stuck somewhere you'd rather not be. While it's raining. With no heater. In the snow. Ok, so maybe that scenario is an over exaggeration in 99 percent of cases, but you get what we mean. We've all likely been in a situation where our car hasn't performed in the best way - but there's a way to significantly reduce this happening to you: that's right, regular services!
Efficient, safe and reliable; three words which should ideally come to mind when you think about your vehicle. Regular servicing helps to maintain your car in the best possible condition. In a full service, a technician will check over 50 components, replace fluids and make adjustments as needed. 

Skipping car services places excessive stress on vehicle components. It also rules out the opportunity for owners to identify any potential cooling system problems - think leaks from the radiator, water pump, hoses or cylinder gasket. These issues can be quite pricey to fix later on if they escalate.

5 good reasons:

1. Maximise life span

Simply replacing an oil filter helps car motors function smoother and more effectively, prolonging their life expectancy.

2. Peace of mind

Having your vehicle regularly serviced means you can be sure your family, friends, and especially you, are safe on the road.

3. Warranty

Did you know that manufacturers can actually void a customer's new car warranty if servicing is neglected? While this is only enforced in extreme cases, having your warranty intact is going to be very important if you’re selling before it’s expired or you require repairs down the track.

4. Retain value

A complete service history makes your car easier to sell and worth more to a potential buyer. 

5. Reduces long-term costs

If avoiding disaster isn't enough to get you to your local mechanic, consider the benefits for your wallet. Regularly serviced cars use less petrol. It’s a fact.

Your car is important

The general rule of thumb to service a vehicle is every six months unless an obvious problem requires attention. Read your car owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendation if in doubt or get in touch with us at CMI Toyota. We have 4 big service locations to choose from with factory trained Toyota technicians and the latest in diagnostic equipment.
Your car is your freedom - it's the investment you purchase for getting you from A to B in your own time. Look after it, and it will look after you.
So the next time you decide to skip your 6 monthly or yearly service, think about your safety, the convenience of having a healthy car and your hip pocket in the long run.

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