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All-New GR Sports Car World Premiere

Posted: 30/03/2022
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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) will unveil an all-new GR sports car in a streaming event from the United States at 12.30pm AEDT (12.00pm Adelaide time) on April 1.

Ahead of this world premiere, TGR has released the above preview image.
You are invited to join us for the full reveal and press conference on Vimeo here.

From the Track to the Road

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing embodies Toyota's commitment of pushing new limits to make ever-better cars. TGR test technologies by racing in the toughest challenges in motorsport.
From the World Rally Championships to Formula 1, TGR have never stopped innovating to put you in the seat of thrilling race cars.

Stage 1
Race cars are continuously adapted with new technologies in petrol, hybrid and electric models
Stage 2
These features get tested on the world’s most challenging roads and conditions like Dakar and Nurburgring.
Stage 3
Feedback from Toyota racing teams deeply informs the development of next-generation road vehicles, including the all-new GR sports car, soon to be revealed!

Toyota Gazoo Racing

For Toyota, motorsport is the flesh and blood of tomorrow’s cars. That’s why Toyota compete and support in major automobile races around the world: from Toyota's local Australia Rally Championship to the famous Dakar Rally—motorsport is in Toyota's DNA.

A spirited philosophy
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the name that unites all of Toyota’s motorsports. It’s a spirit underpinned by a four-tier philosophy that continuously inspires Toyota to hit the race track to create ever-better cars.

  1. Seek extreme limits
    Racing is the ideal training ground. Toyota seek out the most extreme conditions so that they can learn to develop ever-better cars.

  2. Read the road
    The road is Toyota's greatest teacher. It shows them what a car should be. Each one trains and challenges Toyota to be stronger and smarter.

  3. Stay driver-centric
    Drivers are at the centre of Toyota's universe. Toyota use the feedback from every race to help them create the most driver-focussed cars.

  4. Embody Waku Doki
    The Japanese expression for “heart pumping, adrenaline racing” captures the spirit of excitement that runs through all Toyota sports cars.

GR Series

Toyota's GR series is packed with the latest technologies gained from a six decade history in motorsports. Drive one and feel the thrill.

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