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Andrew, Luiza and Doris the RAV4: Helping make a house a home.

Posted: 30/03/2023
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We’re thrilled to share a heart-warming update from the incredible team at Hutt St Centre on the impact Doris the RAV4 has been having on the community.

The team at CMI Toyota are committed to supporting organisations that have a positive impact within the community, and Hutt St Centre is the perfect example of this.

Doris the RAV4 has become a vital part of Hutt St Centre’s team thanks to our partnership with this wonderful charity. 

According to Hutt St Centre’s team, Doris is a trustworthy and hard worker, doing her miles each day to support people on their journey out of homelessness.

Hutt St Centre Doris the RAV4 from CMI Toyota

Meet some of Hutt St Centre’s dream team members – Andrew and Luiza, who are often on the road five days a week with Doris, as Andrew shares:

“I use a car at least once or twice a day, having access to a reliable vehicle is so important for meeting people experiencing homelessness.”

One of the most rewarding jobs for Case Navigators like Andrew and Luiza, is helping people to setup a new home. 

That’s where Doris plays an important role, ensuring that Andrew and Luiza can deliver essential items to help people feel at home. 

Hutt St Centre Doris the RAV4 from CMI Toyota

“It’s exciting to load up a car with household goods such as toasters, kettles, microwaves, televisions, towels, crockery, and more – knowing that some people have been experiencing homelessness for years, and that their lives are now heading in the direction they want.”

The security and safety that housing brings, and with the support of caring, professional Case Navigators, like Andrew and Luiza, take people from feelings of isolation and loneliness to feelings of inclusion and hope for the future. 

Hutt St Centre not only assist people with fulfilling their immediate needs, such as providing a shower and a meal, but they also assist people on their journey to having a place to call home.
With a focus on the future, Hutt St Centre connects people with education and employment opportunities to build the skills and confidence to change their circumstances for good.

Hutt St Centre Doris the RAV4 from CMI Toyota

Together with the support of the community, and partnerships with businesses like ours, Hutt St Centre are able to empower people to rebuild their lives.

You can read more about the ways Doris the RAV4 is assisting Hutt St Centre here

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