City-Bay Fun Run 2017 | CMI Toyota

City-Bay Fun Run 2017

Posted: 18/09/2017

A combination of a strong tailwind and sunshine made for perfect City-Bay conditions for the 26,000 who took part in the iconic race on Sunday morning. 

Olympians Brett Robinson and Jess Trengove recorded the fastest times, taking out first male and female runner of their respective 12km categories. Brett was the first person to pass the finish line, finishing the 12km race in under 36 minutes!

As long term sponsors of the iconic South Australian event, CMI Toyota continued the tradition of giving away a brand new Toyota Yaris to one lucky participant. Anyone who registered online before August 31 was automatically entered into the draw. This year, we were very pleased to hand over the keys to a very excited Amelia who travelled all the way from Victoria to compete in the event!

"I couldn't believe it! I was sitting at my desk crying and my work colleagues wanted to know what was wrong" says Amelia when describing the phone call she received to inform her she'd won a brand new Toyota Yaris.

"I thought it was a prank call, so I jumped straight onto the website....and yep, it was the draw date and I knew then i'd won. I'd won a car!!"

The CMI Toyota team finished the race in high spirits, then enjoyed a well deserved BBQ breakfast and refreshments at the CMI Toyota Village Site on Colley Reserve. Everyone enjoyed the post-race entertainment from Hans The Boy Wonder From Berlin. 

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