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Expert advice on how to save money on Car Servicing, Maintenance & Repair

Posted: 7/06/2022
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When it comes to keeping your vehicle in top condition, and ensuring it is keeping you and your passengers as safe as possible on the roads, ongoing car servicing and maintenance are essential. 

There are a few key points about regular car maintenance that will help ensure your car is safe on the roads, and you're not spending too much money on its maintenance. 

Here's all you need to know about car maintenance, servicing and repairs and where you should go in Adelaide.

Regular service intervals

By regularly servicing your vehicle, you are ensuring that it remains roadworthy. This is also the best way to address any minor issues before they become major headaches and bigger problems that will cost you more to fix. Plus, a car that is performing better will cost you less as it uses less fuel and oil. 

The team at CMI Toyota's Service Centres will be able to assist you with ensuring your vehicle is regularly serviced and kept in top condition. Best of all, we have four convenient service centre locations – Adelaide, Cheltenham, Christies Beach and Stepney, all of which offer Express Service Maintenance, to ensure you don't have to travel far or wait long to have your vehicle serviced.

Toyota Car Servicing and Repair

Logbook servicing

The CMI Toyota service experts know that the best way to protect your car and its resale value is to ensure that you are servicing it according to the vehicle logbook. 

Your logbook will tell you at which stages of your vehicle's kilometres it is required to be serviced, plus CMI Toyota will place a service sticker on your windscreen, which will provide a reminder of both the date and kilometres travelled (whichever comes first), your next service will be due.

Also, ensuring a written record of the car's service history is extremely important for potential buyers when you want to sell the car in the future.

Capped Price Servicing

When purchasing a new Toyota from CMI Toyota, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing it comes with a low capped price service cost for a set number of years/kilometres[TS4] thanks to Capped Price Servicing. This means that the cost of every required part and top up over your Toyota Service Advantage (TSA) period has been calculated prior to take delivery of your new vehicle.

Your vehicle's service will be capped at one low price during your Toyota Service Advantage period to ensure there are no surprises. Plus, don't worry - post-TSA, the cost to service your vehicle is also competitively priced. We offer a pricing tool for an upfront quote before your service – find out your price here.

Toyota Service Centre

Toyota Service Advantage

What's Toyota Service Advantage? We're so confident about the quality of your Toyota that we can offer all Toyota owners a fixed price for their vehicle's services for up to your first 5 years on the road[TS4]. Find out more here.

All car services completed at a CMI Toyota Service Centre are carried out by Toyota trained technicians using Genuine Toyota Parts to keep your Toyota feeling brand new. This list of maintenance inclusions is dependent on vehicle model and service intervals. Find out more below:

Scheduled logbook servicing

A comprehensive vehicle service specific to your vehicle model and your vehicle's age and kilometres driven will be carried out.

Engine oil and filter change

The latest oil technology will be used in your vehicle, as recommended by Toyota.

Brake inspection

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your brakes will leave our service centre working as they should.

Tyre rotation

Maximise the life of your tyres with rotation being part of each service, and if you need your tyres replaced, this can be completed during your service to our tyre shop. We are competitively priced and have a range of brands available. Find out more here.

Multi-point inspection

Our highly trained technicians will inspect all mounting points, hose connections, suspension and fuel systems during your car service.

Inspect and adjust fluid levels

Keeping all of your vehicle's fluids at the correct level ensures trouble-free motoring. Our team will check all of your vehicle's fluids at the time of your car service.

Toyota Genuine Parts

We only use parts designed and tested specifically for your vehicle, which keeps your car running smoother for longer. They're also covered by the Toyota Warranty Advantage[T2].

Please note: The above list summarises the service inclusions only. To get a relevant list specific to your vehicle, simply refer to your logbook, or you can request a quote and fill in your vehicle details.

Toyota Car Service and Maintenance

Simple checks you can do at home

Even though modern car engines are a bit more complex now, the simple things you can do to keep your car running right can easily be done at home and remember that our service team is always happy to assist you with car servicing and maintenance.

Basic car safety checklist

  • Seatbelts — check tension and belt buckle operation.
  • External Lights — turn your headlights on at night and get someone to help you check your taillights and replace bulbs if necessary.
  • Handbrake — ensure that it can hold the vehicle on a slope.
  • Windscreens and mirrors — check windscreens and mirrors for cracks – even small chips can grow to be large cracks.
  • Windscreen wipers — check the wear on wiper blades and if they're cleaning your windscreen properly. If they are not, stop into a CMI Toyota Service Centre, and we’ll happily replace them for you.
  • Horn — ensure this works.
  • Fluids — check engine oil and engine coolant levels – you can refer to the list below. If you’re not sure how to do this, check the vehicle manual or stop into one of our Service Centres across Adelaide.
  • Tyres — ensure tyres are at the correct pressures and check treadwear – head to this page if you need help with this.
  • Spare tyre & jack — ensure they are operational and the spare tyre is inflated. Also, check to see if nothing is missing from your tool kit.

Fluids checklist

  • Engine oil
  • Radiator coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Clutch fluid (manual cars)
  • Gearbox oil
  • Differential fluid

Other general things to check

  • Battery — look for corrosion around terminals. If there is, it may need to be replaced.
  • Fan belts — ensure none are loose or squeaking on start-up
  • Unusual engine noises — hard to start, ticking, hissing or clunking

All CMI Toyota Service Centres across Adelaide, located at Adelaide, Cheltenham, Christies Beach and Stepney, are equipped to carry out car servicing, car maintenance services and vehicle repairs on a range of makes and models. 

We can cover routine servicing, vehicle maintenance and repair, major parts replacements or diagnostic services. You can find out more about the range of vehicle maintenance service and repair services that we offer and book your next service online here.


[TS4] Applies to standard scheduled logbook servicing (normal operating conditions) for a nominated number of months/kilometres (whichever occurs first) up to a nominated maximum number of services. Excludes Government & Rental vehicles. For details see your Toyota dealer or visit
[T2] Toyota Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased at & fitted by a Toyota dealer to a Toyota vehicle which was purchased on or after 01/01/2019, are warranted for the remainder of that vehicle’s Toyota Warranty Advantage period, or 2yrs from installation (whichever is greater). Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased from, but not fitted by, a Toyota dealer are warranted for 2yrs from date of purchase. See for T&Cs. This warranty does not limit & may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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