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The best of Toyota Connected Services

Posted: 24/10/2023
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Toyota Connected Services provide integrated communication and interaction between the myToyota Connect app and your vehicle. There are so many features available in a Connected Toyota vehicle and through the myToyota Connect app that make your life that bit easier. Read on to learn more about the best ones!

Connected Navigation

Available on select Toyota vehicles, Toyota’s newest Multimedia system means better navigation, easier access and seamless collaboration with your compatible smartphone, plus through Connected Voice Assist you’ll have natural voice control of the functions of your vehicle and navigation search. Every time you get behind the wheel you’ll have a personalised driving experience that’s intuitive and simple.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Manage Your Vehicle From Anywhere

myToyota Connect is the only companion app you’ll need, helping you stay connected on the go. Additional features are available for Connected vehicles.

Vehicle status

On your app dashboard you’ll find odometer and fuel data. Tap ‘view status’ for a more detailed look at key vehicle data.

Connected Services

You can view and manage which services you’re subscribed to via this app section.

Drive Pulse

Your confidential Drive Pulse score is made up of real-time data and shows how safely and economically the car is being driven.

Vehicle locator

Your vehicle’s last known location is shown on a map so you can easily navigate back to it.


Enjoy seamless smartphone connection for better navigation and vehicle control thanks to Multimedia Connect and complimentary Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Watch the video below to see how you can stay connected with your vehicle.

Remote Connect

Remote climate

Remotely control climate settings such as heat and A/C, defrost controls, seat warmers and ventilators, and steering wheel warmers.

Remote Lock

Remotely lock/unlock doors and boot.

Lost in a parking lot?

Remotely flash lights or sound buzzer to locate vehicle.

Watch the video below to see how to use these features in the myToyota Connect app.

Multimedia connect

Seamlessly integrates with the myToyota Connect app.

Voice Assistant

Control navigation, climate, audio, vehicle settings and more, all through conversational voice commands.

Connected Navigation

Connected navigation will help you find the fastest routes, access real-time traffic, traffic-flow, avoid tolls, relevant landmarks.


The favourites feature allows you to search and save your most visited places.

Parking Suggestions

Receive off-street and on-street parking options.

Weather Conditions

Through settings, you can turn on the weather overlay, which outlines the current weather and the temperature in any given location.

Connected Trip (Start/Finish)

The Connected Trip (Start) feature allows you to search for a destination on your SmartPhone, and then send it directly to the multimedia unit in your vehicle. The Connected Trip (Finish) features allows you to transfer your trip back to your smartphone so that you may navigate the remainder of your journey on foot.

Watch the video below to learn more about about Toyota Connect multimedia.

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