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Toyota Hybrid vehicles | Myths and current range

Posted: 29/10/2020
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Toyota Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular in South Australia and the world, thanks to car owners wanting to reduce their fuel costs and play an important role in helping the environment.

Watch the below video as Jake takes you through some of the common Hybrid myths, including how a Hybrid engine charges and its average fuel consumption. Jake also takes you through the great range of Hybrid Vehicles currently available from CMI Toyota.



Toyota Hybrid vehicles now account for more than one-quarter of Toyota Australia's vehicle sales.

Since the first Prius sold over 20 years ago, Toyota has introduced an increasingly wide range of hybrid models with improved performance, fuel economy and emissions.

The RAV4 is Toyota's top-selling Australian hybrid so far this year, displacing Corolla which led hybrid sales in 2019. Camry remains the best-selling hybrid in this country with a cumulative total of more than 67,000 sales.

The growth in hybrid sales is being supported by the recent arrival of the all-new Yaris hatch and the upcoming Yaris Cross SUV, both of which include Toyota's latest, fourth-generation hybrid electric system.

CMI Toyota customers can also choose from hybrid versions of the C-HR SUV as well as the Prius hatch and seven-seat Prius v.

Hybrid vehicles seamlessly combine the power of petrol engines with the efficiency of electric motors. In a Hybrid, the battery is recharged while you drive so it’s always ready to go without ever needing to be plugged in.

With a Hybrid, you get all the power and torque advantages of an electric vehicle so you can go further for less. Driving around town, the electric motor does the work with dramatically reduced CO2 emissions[G12]. On the open road, the petrol engine takes over for efficient high-speed driving.

You can find out more about the Toyota Hybrid system and the range of Hybrid vehicles available from CMI Toyota via the button below.



[G12] Emissions vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition & options/accessories fitted.

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