National Tree Day 2019 | CMI Toyota

National Tree Day 2019

Posted: 29/07/2019

Each year, the CMI Toyota team get their hands dirty to support Plant Ark’s ‘Schools Tree Day’ and 'National Tree Day’ and this year was made even more special with Toyota celebrating 20 years as National Tree Day Partner.

Members of the CMI Toyota team joined forces with students and staff from the Adelaide Secondary School of English, Kilkenny Primary School and All Saints Catholic Primary to get their hands dirty and plant as many trees as possible for this fantastic initiative.

With the help of these local schools, we were thrilled to be able to plant over 200 trees and shrubs around the community. What a fantastic effort and we thank everyone who was involved!

The CMI Toyota team are proud to support and be a part of this great initiative and recognise the many benefits of being involved each year.

Planet Ark's first edition of the Living Cities report, titled 'Trees in the Urban Environment' includes many inspiring benefits to tree planting, including:

  • A 5% increase in tree cover can reduce nearby daytime temperatures by 2.3C, which could be crucial as heatwaves cost more lives than all other climate change impacts combined; 
  • A large healthy tree can sequester up to 93kg of CO2 and 1.4kg of air pollution per year;
  • Time spent in green outdoor spaces can lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes; and 
  • Time in nature reduces stress, improves happiness, wellbeing and productivity.

Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day are Australia's largest annual tree-planting and nature care events and took place on Friday 26 July and Sunday 28 July. This is an initiative organised by Planet Ark in partnership with Toyota Australia and its Dealer Network which provides on-the-ground support at tree planting sites across Australia. Since its inception, over 25 million trees have been planted around Australia.

See all the photos from the day here

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