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Proudly supporting Hutt St Centre

Posted: 26/08/2020

CMI Toyota are proud to support many life changing organisations and charities within the South Australian community. One of these incredible organisations is Hutt St Centre. Their team provide vital assistance for those who are experiencing homelessness within our community every day.

Since 2010 CMI Toyota have supported Hutt St Centre through the donation of a vehicle. Their latest, a Toyota RAV4, has affectionately been named ‘Ethel’. 

Ethel assists Hutt St Centre’s frontline workers every day, helping them with tasks such as transporting donations, driving clients to doctor’s appointments and job interviews, and moving clients into their new home.

Hutt St Centre’s ‘Community Outreach Support Officer’, Gaye works hard to help people experiencing homelessness transition from living on the street to moving into a home of their own.

Gaye is pictured below, packing Ethel with bedding and food for a woman moving into her own unit – her own home for the first time in a long time. Mary* doesn’t have any bedding or food of her own, as she’s spent the last few months living on the streets, so Gaye and Ethel came to the rescue with the basics she needed to get set up.

The past 6 months have also seen some adaptions to the way Hutt St Centre works with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

During these times of physical distancing many of Hutt St Centre’s clients have been staying in emergency accommodation around the city. The partnership between CMI Toyota and Hutt St Centre has enabled Hutt St Centre staff to visit these clients to drop off necessary supplies and conduct mental health and wellness checks.

Staff have been putting together care packages containing basic necessities along with a selection of books, crosswords and art supplies to serve as healthy distractions and keep minds busy. They use Ethel to drop these supplies off to their clients. 

CMI Toyota are proud to assist Hutt St Centre with the vital work and support they provide to people in need. If you do see Ethel on the streets of Adelaide, be sure to give her and the team a wave and know that they are out and about assisting our homeless community.

To find out more about Hutt St Centre and make a donation to their life changing services, click here

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*To protect their identities, the names of the clients have been changed.

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